300+ Fans? Oh, right.

2013-10-15 00:05:01 by BigDead93

You know, I never really got around to thanking you guys for watching me, huh? Now I feel terrible about it. That means over 300 individuals took time out of their day to follow some guy who just sort of fell into NewGrounds. Your attention is greatly appreciated. I may not be CreepySheep popular or anything like that, but you guys make everything worthwhile! Just the sight of the fan number increasing after posting something up here or seeing comments on my stuff, makes me want to keep pushing. ^.^ Now really, I could bow down on the floor all night, but we all need our sleep don't we? So thanks again, guys! Let's see if I make it to the next hundred! (Please?)

300+ Fans?  Oh, right.


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2013-10-15 01:36:33

you deserve it

BigDead93 responds:

I really appreciate it!!


2013-10-15 02:57:00

You've got another fan. :)

BigDead93 responds:

Thanks you so much!! ^//.//^


2013-10-15 03:33:11

Congrats on the fantastic fan count!

BigDead93 responds:

>//v//< Thanks!! Also, I drew something Doom-related recently. You can find it on my deviantArt, because I knew ya wanted something about CyberDemons! ^.^


2013-10-15 07:21:38

Ah, Halloween 2013 (Day 14): DoomGirl!? That's pretty cool! You figured out the one thing the game's missing too. :P

BigDead93 responds:

Glad ya like it!!


2013-10-15 18:23:41

You've well enough earned it,keep doing what you do best!


2013-10-15 18:50:25

My pleasure man.